Financial Services

Regulations in the Financial Service industry continues to increase. Banks are spending a large part of their income on making sure they’re compliant. They have to make sure there are systems in place to keep up with ever-changing regulations and industry standards. Traditional banks have to constantly evaluate and improve their operations to keep up [...]

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Consumer Business

Consumer Businesses need very attractive value propositions so that by selling their products and services they gather the consumer insight they need. This will help them determine the steps to be taken to grow their business. Connectivity allows consumer to find the best product, the companies that achieve this connectivity in the global economy are

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Hospitality and Leisure

Hospitality and Leisure Industry has dramatically transformed. Consumer behavior in hospitality has also changed. The change has a significant impact on the management and marketing activities of hotels across the globe. Over the past year, new expectations, and new technologies have been evident in the international hospitality market. Consumer satisfaction and financial concerns are the

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