We are the drivers that provide you with the services needed for that master plan you need. Driven is not a traditional accounting firm, it is a group of business and entrepreneurship advisors.


A successful audit helps businesses create value and mitigate risk. DRIVEN’s audit professionals has assisted clients in navigating the many complexities of financial reporting, both in the Puerto Rico and abroad. DRIVEN offers the depth of resources to address complex technical issues – as well as the guidance of professionals who are recognized leaders in their fields. Our partners are invested in our clients’ success, giving you unparalleled access to senior professionals and decision makers.


Companies face immense scrutiny over their tax filings. A tax deficiency or miscalculation may be marked against the credibility of your organization. DRIVEN helps clients ensure that income tax provisions are accurate and supported.

Business Services
and Outsourcing

We understand that the accounting processes of our company can be time consuming and sometimes complicated. By outsourcing your accounting functions, you can save  time that can be invested on your business operations.

Business Advisory

Middle market companies frequently have unique financing requirements. Whether a company needs funds to facilitate organic growth or finance an acquisition, DRIVEN has the skills to source the best combination of debt or equity capital to meet a client’s needs.


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