Tax Preparation and Review

We realize that taxpayers often delay in dealing with tax issues due to a lack of knowledge or distress about the results. In these cases, rapid action is essential. By delaying the response, a taxpayer can sacrifice rights and incur penalties and collection charges. We help businesses and individuals work through these issues in a timely and results-focused way.

Our tax professionals offer a full range of tax services, including helping clients develop and document defendable tax positions. Because our services do not stop with our advice, if you find yourself subject to a tax audit, we can help you deal with the tax authorities. We take a hands-on approach, helping you challenge tax reassessments you consider unjust or improper and proactively helping you resolve disputes in a manner that is efficient and fair.

  • IRS and PR Tax authorities’ audits and examinations
  • Ruling Requests
  • Penalty Abatements
  • Closing Agreements
  • Tax notices

Tax Incentives and Credits

Clients currently served include individuals and businesses in several industries including financial advisors, asset managers, brokers, business consultants, hedge funds, private equity investors, internet service providers, advertising companies, and many others who have relocated to Puerto Rico and are engaged in providing services for export markets.

  • Planning and design of tax efficient structures
  • Tax incentives applications
  • Renegotiation and amendments of tax grants
  • Tax credits documentation and monetization
  • Individual Tax Grants
  • Export Services Tax Grants
  • Private Equity Tax Grants
  • International Financial Entities- licenses and consulting
  • International Insurance Companies Act
  • Tourism Development Act
  • Film Industry Incentives Act
  • Green Energy Incentives Act
  • Economic Incentives for the Development of PR
  • Foreign Trade Zone Application

Tax Transaction Advisory Services

From transaction structuring and due diligence to post-acquisition integration services, Driven’s dedicated Transaction Advisory Services, M&A Tax Practice delivers comprehensive, partner-led services to clients of all sizes. With deep experience across industry sectors, our professionals are uniquely qualified to meet the needs of our clients, whatever they may be. Our service model is built upon a transparent, highly collaborative approach, and DRIVEN ensures that you have access to the people you need, when you need them.

  • Structuring of acquisitions, dispositions, mergers, carve-outs, etc.
  • Tax modeling and tax benefit analyses
  • Tax due diligence, both buy-side and sell-side

International Tax Services

Companies don’t have to build or buy a facility overseas to be subject to international tax regulations. As business becomes increasingly global, businesses of all sizes may be involved in transactions or activities covered by international tax regulations. Simply having a bank account or hiring an employee overseas can incur reporting and other tax-related requirements.

Driven’s experienced tax team work with clients whose operations span the globe. Our professionals help with issues ranging from optimizing tax liabilities to documenting transfer pricing. Driven provides a wide range of tools and resources to help firms furnish superior accounting, auditing, and management services to clients around the globe.


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